Kale Chips

I did my Friday morning weigh in.  149.0.  Ugh.  Well, now that I’ve been off dieting for a few weeks, I think I’ve maybe improved my relationship with food somewhat, and the good thing is that I’ve got some basic patterns going on, so that I can now start making little changes and adjustments to bring my calorie total down.

For one thing, I finally bought some olive oil spray, so that should cut down on all the extra olive oil/butter/coconut oil calories involved in my cooked meals.  I also bought a measuring cup and plan to now hold myself down to half a cup of sorbet for my dessert at night.  I’m trying to have the right kind of calorie counting built into my everyday meal plans.  Here’s what it’s supposed to looklike most days:

Breakfast at 10:30 AM – about 300 calories (2 eggs, 1 slice of bread, a few slices of tomato, half a slice of cheese, 1 slice of lean turkey, hot sauce, seasonings)

Pre work out at 1:30 PM – about 200 calories (smoothie: 8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1 teaspoon flax seed, 1 tablespoon protein powder)

Post work out 3:30 PM – about 300 calories (Full scoop protein shake, 25 almonds)

6:30 PM – about 200 calories of whatever’s around at work, focusing on protein, fruits, vegetables and whole grains when possible

8:30 PM – about 300-350 calories (turkey and cheese sandwich with randomness from work, 1.5 cups of brussels sprouts with hot sauce, seasonings, a touch of olive oil)

10:30 PM – about 150-200 calories (when at work, whatever’s around; when at home, 1/2 cup mango, raspberry and/or chocolate sorbet plus a few ginger and/or lemon cookie thins)

In bed at 12:45 AM, asleep by 1 AM.

With this built in, I don’t have to count calories, and I don’t kill myself over the work stuff, I’m just going to try to be a little more conscious of making good choices as I tend to go overboard when there’s free food around.  Oh and my other big new rule, is that I will eat all food while only eating.  I won’t do it while watching Netflix or reading or writing or listening to podcasts or watching TED Talks.  When I eat, I will eat at the table and just eat.  At work, this is a little harder to qualify, but I will try to only eat food when I can actually be mindful of it, instead of just stuffing things into my face on the run.

I’m also going to weigh in tomorrow, just ’cause I wanna see a lower number real quick to make me feel better.  And I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be lower because, not only am I gonna be good today, I also must’ve shat out about 2 pounds during a 23 minute bathroom experience after breakfast and coffee this morning.

After seeing that Whole Foods is selling bags of kale chips for about $12/ounce, so I decided to try to do my own.

Ingredients for Kale Chips. The Kale at Trader Joe's is super cheap.

I didn't have a cooking spray around that day, so I did the old school, butter wiping method for the pan before spreading a whole bunch of kale on top.

After baking at 350 for 12 minutes, lookin' pretty good

a closer look at one piece. hmm, not quite as crisp and chip like as I'd hoped..

Since it was still a cross between a salad and chips, I threw it in a bowl. I think I'll bake them longer than 12 minutes next time.

added wasabi almonds (from Trader Joe's) since it was a salad anyway at this point


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